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This site is for whole sale customers only. In order to see our pricing and place an order you must submit a request below and we will verify your connection to a retail business. 

New to Safe Imports? Signing Up is Easy! 

Simply fill out the sign up form by clicking the link below. Once you sign up your information will be verified and your membership will be approved. We will need information proving you have a business and that our products are purchased for re-sale. The process is very simple and quick. Click the link below. Once you get to the next screen you will either sign up as a new member or go all the way to the bottom and click "Already a member? Log In". If you have any questions or are having trouble you can go to the About Us tab to find step by step directions with pictures on how to sign up. You can also call (410) 566-5078 or email for help. 

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